Ephemeral Containers – CSS Customization

When using URL shorteners, you may have noticed that there is a preview of  the page that your user is being redirected to. The visual style may not fit with one at your website.

In the next example, a text was shared instead of a URL

Ephemeral Container - No CSS Customization.png

How do we manage this with our Ephemeral Containers https://l.ehehdada.com that allows you to short your URLs, share texts and pictures with your friends?

You may want to use our premiums to change the colors for the title, subtitle, background, shared text foreground and background and/or provide a link to a valid CSS file in Internet.Ephemeral Container - CSS Customizing.png

Having results like this

Ephemeral Container - With CSS Customization.png

Or something funny like this

Ephemeral Container - Funny CSS Customization.png


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