ehehdada, ltd.

Back-end services

APIs, web services, frameworks and SDKs, specialized hosting, Telegram bots, and more.

What are APIs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, we develop abstraction layers over the existing infrastructure to simplify the intercommunication with the machines and the machine based services.

We have experience in several programming languages for the development of our web services (mainly in PHP, Java EE, .NET, and Python), using different ways of providing interoperability between computer systems (typically RESTful and SOAP), and use popular data structure formats such as XML, JSON, etc. for data exchange between peers. We have experience persisting the data not only into relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL but also into NoSQL solutions such as Cassandra, Redis, and MongoDB.

We also can develop client side libraries for easing the integration of our developed web services within customers’ applications. We can develop these libraries, SDKs and frameworks using different programming languages.

What is specialized hosting?

Typically hosting service suppliers provide the a blank infrastructure to let you to start to upload your scripts and set up the databases, then plan the infrastructure when it needs to scale up. We take care of all these details in the server side to let you focus on your application.

ehehdada, ltd. is here to assist you in the design, development, and with the host of your web services.

We are expert consultants with large experience in back-end as a service.

Our team based in Taiwan but we are used to work remotely with our clients around the world.

Our company is constantly evolving and growing. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone.

Why us?

In ehehdada, ltd. we work mainly providing consultancy and development services.

Our consultancy services includes our experience in

  • Design of APIs
  • Design of web services
  • Design of SDKs and frameworks
  • Advise on the IT infrastructure

Our development services includes our experience in

  • Development of the designed APIs and web services
  • Deployment of the infrastructure
  • Integration of third party APIs and web services
  • Telegram bots

We also provide other services like

  • Act as middle man between your business and IT suppliers
  • Manage the hosting of your services

Contact us

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